How Zip Phone – a one man startup- got into Y Combinator

Zip Phone - How it got into Y Combinator

Zip Phone – How it got into Y Combinator

Most of you might not know about Aawaz, an amazing app that can make the cellular network redundant, and roaming charges a thing of the past. Anuj Jain, the sole brain behind Aawaz developed the app with just a $50 investment. The app has come a long way since it was first released in December last year. The foremost of its achievements are that it has re-branded itself to Zip Phone and has made it to the Y Combinator list Summer Batch 2014.

The Zip Phone app allows you to make calls using the regular phone dialer. What’s amazing about the app is that it automatically takes over the call if both phones have it installed and are connected to the internet. Zip Phone attributes its “crystal clear voice quality much better than regular telephony that beats every other VoIP app out there” to its use of  Opus for voice compression (the most advanced codec available) and code inherited from Skype.

Even though there are hundreds of articles on what a startup should do to gain entry into the prestigious Y Combinator, Anuj says there is no special formula to get into YC. He suggests just two key points

  1. Have a good idea and firmly believe in it yourself because the YC partners are excellent at gauging your passion for what you do.
  2. Use plain and simple language, and leave the buzzwords and corporate attire at home

Since joining Y Combinator in June, Zip Phone has almost completely been rewritten with primary focus on voice quality and stability. There is a lot of new focus on seamless WiFi calling by both Google (Hangouts) and Apple (iOS8). Anuj is proud to have got there first with Aawaz/Zip Phone. “Being cross platform and extremely lightweight, the app will hopefully attract many more users in the coming months,” concludes Anuj.

Source: YourStory

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