X-men’s dark history: days of future past

X-men's dark history: days of future past

X-men’s dark history: days of future past

What started off as a terrible advertisement  for Carl Jr. Burgers, is now turning into a full blown viral marketing campaign for X-Men: Days of future past. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Bobby Deol movie may leave now.

Marvel, not tired of making a gazillion dollars every year is making sure that X-Men: Days of future past generates enough money to pay for Robert Downey Jr’s reverse goatee and some arrows for Hawkeye.

Fox, which has the rights to the X-Men series launched a video integrating the mutants in various historical junctures like the JFK assassination and Chernobyl disaster, to name a few of the many historical catastrophes shown in the teaser, in order to promote its upcoming chick flick, X-Men: Days of future past. Already having their hands full with aligning two different timelines for Days of future past and also quarter of a billion other movies, Marvel seems to have pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this one. The video, teased at the MTV music awards generated a lot of buzz on virtually all social networking sites, except Myspace maybe, just an educated guess.

Magneto and the JFK assassination

Magneto and the JFK assassination

Let me walk you down the X-Men memory lane, stay with me alright. You know what, cancel that. It’s too long and complicated and probably involves me watching all X-Men movies again, which sounds like a good idea at first but lets be real, there’s like 6 of them. There’s not enough beer and dried chilli potato (how dare you judge me!) to convince me to watch all of them in a row.

So let’s just talk about this cool sepia covered video they showed us, shall we? Mutant history is littered with instances of mass conflicts between the X-Gene carrying mutants and humans (hope I didn’t offend any mutants out there!) and the basic premise of the video is to highlight just that.

The video starts off in the cold war era, Magneto standing at the site of the infamous cuban missile crises ,deflecting a missile in 1962 which is followed by the opening of the Xaviers school for gifted youngsters in 1965. Then there’s the scene where Pietro Maximoff, known as Quicksilver to common folk, breaks 8 world records sparring widespread review of mutant participation in athletic events eventually forcing the athletic officials to barr mutants from ever participating in an competitive event.

The most important “leak” shown, presumably, is the introduction of Mark X by Trask industries in 2013, marking a new reign of sentinels in the mutant universe which is supposedly pivotal towards the upcoming movie.

The video consists of 25 decisive moments of mutant history and future including the introduction of Mark X by Trask industries. View these moments here.

So, how excited are you about the movie? I myself can’t wait to see Peter Dinklage play Bolivar Trask. If you had any niggling doubts about Game of Thrones taking over the world, then I think they’re more than taken care of.

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