Weekend Pixel Vol 06

Weekend Pixel Vol 06

Weekend Pixel Vol 06

“Weekend Pixel” is a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

Futuristic UI graphics to aesthetics of Game Art & Game Design, we have it all with “Weekend Pixel Volume 06”.


1. Futuristic UI

Tumblr – Visual Punker

A one of a type visual collection of the futuristic interfaces from classic 8 bit games to cyberpunk animes to Hollywood movies like Prometheus and Avengers. Will definitely get your head thinking about the future they represent.


2. 3D Printed Guns  (Documentary)

Youtube – Cody R Wilson

3D printing is the new fad. With ever decreasing costs, a future where printing replacement  tools and toys from the comforts of our home would be a reality. But what if people start using the technology to make their own guns? A look at the fast approaching reality.

3. Transitional Interfaces

Medium – Pasquale D’ Silva

Modern day interfaces are fluid. Period. And with that comes the challenge of designing for an interface where things are in motion and user interacts with them. Pasquale offers neat tips and tricks more making those experiences a pleasure.

4. Stack Exchange

UX Thread

One of best source for the community driven Q&A. The ongoing thread provides interesting discussions around challenges faced in UX in our day to day life and their potential solutions and workarounds.

5. The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design

Gamasutra – Chris Solarski

Games form a large part of our life. That hint of dopamine means that long hours are spent getting that perfect K.O.. A long form read into the the thought process and dynamics which go behind the art of game design.

6. The Beautiful Lost Art of Patent Drawings

Tested – Rachel Swaby

Patent lawsuits are fast becoming the bone of contention for the startup community. But not long ago filing patent was cool and the amount of work which went into the application process was a marvel in itself. A post down the lane of the art of patent drawings.

What’s Your Take?

Which of these entice you the most this weekend?

Have some read-worthy design posts to share? We’re waiting!

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