Weekend Pixel Vol 05

Weekend Pixel Vol 05

Weekend Pixel Vol 05

“Weekend Pixel” is a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

From the online courses on creativity to breaking down the usability of the progress bar on Google Plus, we bring you “Weekend Pixel Volume 05”.

1. A Crash Course on Creativity

Stanford University – Tina Seelig

From the author of popular books like ‘What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20’ & inGenius, comes a massive open online course by Stanford Professor Tina Seelig in the field she knows best “Creativity”.

2. What Aspiring Designers Need to Know About Strategy

Frog Design – David Sherwin

In the modern day role where the designer dons many hats and provides the clients a wide assortments of services. Strategy is often misused and confused. The post clears the hype and helps clear the concepts in black and white.

3. Home: Facebook’s Bold New Vision for Social Smartphones

Fast CoDesign – Kyle Vanhemert

The long awaited Facebook phone turned out to a be “skin” for select Android devices. By creating a layer over the phone’s interface, Facebook has ingrained their reach to areas not possible via apps.

4. Gestural, Wearable, Neural – the new pillars of Interaction Design

Desktop Mag – Nev Fordyce

The job description of a digital designer is constantly evolving and with the rise of a new phase in the field of interaction. Designers have come up with interesting approaches in the gestural, wearable and neural field to create immersive experiences.

5. Redesigning the Save Symbol. Let’s do this

Branch – PJ Onori

An interesting discussion thread on the possibility of having an alternate symbol to denote the “save” state in a number of modern day technologies. Looking at the history of how symbols come about and what could work in the case of save.

6. The Google Plus Progress Bar Analysed

Kera.io – Taige Zhang

An in depth and a thorough look at the Google Plus’ progress bar. Analysing the key features and how it improves the experience for the end user.

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