Weekend Pixel Vol 04

Weekend Pixel Vol 04

Weekend Pixel Vol 04

“Weekend Pixel” is a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

With this we bring you “Weekend Pixel Volume 04”

1. 21 Inspiring Examples of About Pages

Web Design Ledger – Giselle Muller

Ever seen that hidden page “About Us” page on the company website. Found them to be boring or bland? These 21 examples will show how even that page could add a breeze of frsh life in your website.

2. In Tablets, Smaller is Bigger

Luke Wroblewski

Is there a magic size between large smartphones and small tablets? This data centric post shares insights on how larger sized phones are selling like hot cakes whereas in case of the tablets the smaller ones seem to rule.

3. FltDsgn

In their own words FltDsgn (read: Flat Design) is a showcase of the best examples of the flat design aesthetic submitted by folks from all over the web.

4.  Download the 75 best free fonts    

Creative Bloq

The yearning to experiment with new fonts to express a certain mood is of essence. This great resource for 75 free fonts along with their sample application can make the day for many type lovers.

5. Using Mobile to Fuel your Blog’s Success

Blogtrepreneur – Hillel Fuld

Cementing the point for those still creating content for the PC era that the age of mobile is already here and content has to evolve keeping in mind the needs of the new age information consumption.

 6. 9 tips for founders who want to hone their design chops

The Next Web – Scott Gerber

Design is the next frontier where companies create meaningful experience for their users and differentiate themselves. Pro-tips to help non-design founders make the move to appreciate the design side of things.

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Gurpreet Bedi's greatest love are Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. Though he is not sure what those fancy words actually mean. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @grprtbedi

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