Weekend Pixel Vol 03

Weekend Pixel Vol 03

Weekend Pixel Vol 03

Pixel is the fundamental unit of life and nothing means more to us at than good design in every form, factor & function. We understand that in your busy life full of poking friends and retweets, good design may take a back seat.

“Weekend Pixel” is a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

With this we bring you “Weekend Pixel Volume 03”

1. Rethinking the new
Medium – Dann Petty
An interesting take on the new Yahoo! design. The author shares his own refreshed version of what the site should look like and puts forth compelling points in terms of usability for his own design over Yahoo’s offering.

2. Can limitations make you more creative?
TED – Kate Torgovnick
In the season of TED’13, this Q&A with Phil Hansen helps us understand that unlike popular belief, constraints actually help us in the creative process.The set of limitations help in the flow of the juice which help ignite that creative spark.

3. Golden Ratio in Logo Design
Banskt Design – Saikat Banerjee
Think the concept of Golden Ratio is found only in renaissance art? This post highlights that the age old concept of mathematics in art is found even in modern day logos. Seen the classic yellow rectangle logo for NatGeo, Golden Ratio is there.

4. A Tip for Effective Meetings: Always be capturing
Design Staff – Joshua Porter
The Director of UX at HubSpot speaks his heart out and tells pro tips on effective meetings. Simple tricks like “Don’t Repeat Yourself” or “If you can’t capture it, stop talking” are sure to make the design brainstorming more powerful.

5. The Master Bar Pattern: Design and Usage
Intense Minimalism
Everyone has used Twitter or Facebook once in their lifetime but none of us have really paid any attention to bar at the top. A thorough look at the design and the usability of the top banner and use cases where it works and doesn’t work.

Have your own recommendations or insights? Send us a tweet @pixelonomics or share in the comments below.

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