Weekend Pixel Vol 02

Weekend Pixel Vol 02

Weekend Pixel Vol 02

Pixel is the fundamental unit of life and nothing means more to us at than good design in every form, factor & function. We understand that in your busy life full of poking friends and retweets, good design may take a back seat.

“Weekend Pixel” is a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

With this we bring you “Weekend Pixel Volume 02”

1. The World’s First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures
This is Colossal
A Kickstarter campaign which broke its funding goal in a matter of hours, aims to bring the ease of 3D printing in the hands of amateurs and drive creativity.

2. 8 Brilliant Concepts For The Future Of Wearable Tech
Fast CoDesign
Mark Wilson
Eight global studios of the design firm Frog were put forth the question on the future of wearable technology and each presented their vision of the increased interaction between the users and the devices.

3. Love, Hate, and Empathy: Why We Still Need Personas
UX Mag
Kyra Edeker & Jan Moorman
Why personas still matter in design research and how great user experience arise from creating empathy with real users than relying on metrics and stats.

4. Domain Knowledge or a Lack Thereof
Jacques Mattheij
Lack of knowledge about the context as to where the product is being used is the reason why a number of products are bad. The developer sitting in a room developing the software doesn’t always understand the real world use case of the product.

5. A New Responsive Design Process
Net Magazine
–  Steve Fisher & Alaine Mackenzie
Responsive designs are gaining traction with plethora of devices in multiple screen sizes and resolutions. It requires careful planning and thought before we take the plunge keeping in mind the needs of the users and the content.

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