Weekend Pixel Vol 01

Weekend Pixel Vol 01

Weekend Pixel Vol 01

Pixel is the fundamental unit of life and nothing means more to us at than good design in every form, factor & function. We understand that in your busy life full of poking friends and retweets, good design may take a back seat.

Beginning today we bring you “Weekend Pixel” a weekly round up of the best design posts from the dark alleys of the internet. Everything from design thinking to innovation is shared and discussed here.

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With this we bring you “Weekend Pixel Volume 01”

1. World’s Dumbest Rebrand?
A quick post where Inc questions the decision behind the rebranding of Buy.com, a name with a universal connotation in the English speaking world to a more obscure Rakuten.com. Is your brand memorable enough?

2. Photoshop is a city for everyone: how Adobe endlessly rebuilds its classic app

Long form feature post by The Verge, where they go down the history lane and unravel the history behind our favorite photo-editing tool “Photoshop” and how Adobe has made it relevant even after all these years.

3. When Responsive Design is Not an Option: a Checklist for Optimizing Your Mobile Site
There is an app for that. But SeoMoz gives us a great checklist when designing for a mobile interface. Can the user intent be affected when using a responsive site and how to make it work in your favor.

4. Trends in interactive design 2013
This awesome SlideShare presentation on Interaction
Design wins hands down as must see. Emerging trends and patterns along with a load of knowledge to be found in this deck.

5. Should email be 99.9% typography, too?
Can email be based on typography only? A look at how our world of multiple screen sizes, resolutions have forced us to rethink the element and the value of typography in the emails.

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