Make your Mood Viral – Share and Express with Vent App

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Make your Mood viral with Vent

Updating your day to day activities on twitter might be really cool and the ‘in’ thing these days but expressing your degree of frustration, anger or happiness on the social media can be one hell of a task. People either comment, compliment or just sympathise. Some of our friends on these social media sites make jokes about the whole expressing your mood stuff!

Majority of us have actually faced it. Whenever I write down a status and tag along saying ‘feeling happy/sad/curious’, my friends flood my Facebook wall with comments . Some joke about it, some say “aww! It’s ok!” and some just don’t care enough. But expressing your moods is now easier and simpler with Vent app.

What is Vent app?

It is an App, as said earlier! Not just any ordinary app, it is an app that makes you express your various mood swings. And the most superb part of this app is that your identity isn’t revealed and you can also share your moods with other people having the same temperament.

Post your vent with Vent app

Post your vent with Vent app

How is this app useful?

Now forget hiding. It’s time to do some expressing! Tell the world about your negative thoughts but still keep your identity intact. Time to express your anger on issues and frustration on work in a cooler way.



Vent app channels your emotion

Vent app channels your emotion

Why not? We can try it! After all if, we can bear watching Rakhi Sawant live on TV with her emotions, here at least we can outburst our anger! Somebody has rightly said, ‘Expression is the best way to react!’


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  • http://www.ventfeed.com Dean Serroni

    Thanks heaps for the article Sahiba & Pixelonomics!
    Love to hear from users on how they find the app, design and UX – can download direct from here: http://www.ventfeed.com Thanks! :)

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