USBCondom- the safer way to charge your smartphone

USBCondom body

USBCondom body

Ever wondered that there might be a chance of accidental data exchange or someone surreptitiously stealing away your data when you plug in your phone at a publicly available USB charging station? If the answer is yes, then there’s good news for you security conscious (read : paranoid) individuals.

USBCondom lets you charge your device safely

USBCondom lets you charge your device safely

Developers at have invented a device – aptly named USBCondom, that cuts off access to the data transfer pins on the USB port while still allowing “only the power pins to connect through”.

In short, the USBCondom attachment allows you to charge your phone at any charging station, without it picking up diseases. For, USBCondom and projects like it are their small way of bringing information security to a broader audience.


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