Undress – Letting you change your clothes in public..Discreetly

UndressDennis Caco and April Estrada have invented a mobile changing room that will make changing rooms obsolete. The hurried, haphazard change (before someone walks in on you) into clean clothes after a gym session  will be thing of the past. With the outfit they invented – Undress – you can change in the lift of your office or in the middle of a beach, anywhere you want without the fear of exposing what you don’t want exposed to public.





Watch the video for the demonstration, and to realize how ingenious Undress really is!

If you are wondering how big the market for Undress could be, just have a look at their Kickstarter page. The $615,663 amount pledged by backers for the project will answer this question for you.



Undress is available in a variety of options, in all sizes, and is already available for preorder for a limited period of time for $75.

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