Edible Typography – new way to teach the alphabet to kids



Hello Monday!

The worst day of my week and damn a day filled with morning blues. But today to my surprise and delight, I don’t have a heavy work load. I am enjoying this new Typography I found on Instagram by a freelance designer, Tommy Perez.

What’s so relaxing about this typography? Well, this creative man just used our daily edible items like humus, macaroni, eggs, and more to teach his little girl, Zoe Perez, alphabets. Zoe Perez is just not like other two year toddlers. She is in fact a singer, a dancer, a little princess and a fighter who is ready to make those dragons run out.

But one thing little Miss Perez is lagging behind in is alphabets. Like all small kids, she too is kind of not in the mood to learn her ABCs. But to make her understand and learn these letters, her father, who is now a stay-at-home daddy, created these ABCs with his imaginative skills through edible items.

She took these quiet seriously, I must say. She has always been a helping hand to her dad, and even in this project which the designer dad named as ‘A to Zoe’, his daughter was of great support.










I remember how my dad taught me ABCs. He used to explain to me each alphabet through the cartoon characters I like. That’s the bond we girls share with our daddies -Special and priceless. What was the fun part? Sunshine Perez got to eat a part  from these edible letters after the teaching was done and her father clicked a picture of the same.

Tommy quoted to Fast Co., “Let’s be honest, she loves the candy too, But it’s all in moderation. We believe in a balance of healthy food and sweets.”

When this projected ended a new kind of talent was inbuilt in the star, Zoe Perez. She is now a designer and typography expert too. Helping her dad has made her learn the art of creativity and patience.

It’s never easy to make little ones learn what they don’t like but doing it the Perez way is something that’s highly recommended. Imagine if you were told that you can be a Superman? Wouldn’t you try wearing your underwear above to just see if you really can? Well, this father-daughter duo just tried and hell yeah, they did achieve the target!


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