A typeface that bleeds FIFA!

A typeface that bleeds FIFA!

A typeface that bleeds FIFA!

FIFA! FIFAAA! FIFAAAAA!! That’s all I hear these days at my office, when I sit with dad back home and when I chill at weekends with my friends. Well, this season even I am drawn towards the sport as well. Damn, so much of unpredictability in the scoreboard and the performances by the various teams have made its viewership reach new heights I suppose.

With this football mania all around, I found this very interesting typeface while surfing the net today. What amazed me was the uniqueness of this typeface. It just triggered my new found football love to a new level.

FIFA Typeface

FIFA Typeface

Created by a Spain-based Illustrator (Ya, OK! Spain is out of the world cup 2014), this typeface talks football in all its aspects. The illustrator and graphic designer ‘Gustavo Berocan Veiga’ has created the soccer inspired typeface for an ongoing type project, 36 days.

The 24 alphabets and the numerals from zero-nine are made like soccer players and their skills in the sport. How exciting and inspiring these colorful typeface look to me. Hope these alpha-footballers also make an enticing effect on your mind too.

Brazil FIFA typeface

Brazil FIFA font

England FIFA typeface

England FIFA font

France FIFA typeface

France FIFA font

Enjoy FIFA 2014 with more chills and thrills. And don’t forget to read more about this typeface and Mr. Veiga’s work.


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