A touching tribute to a Grandpa

Grandpa Photos

Grandpa’s photo is a collection of slides clicked by Stephen Clarke, a WWII Air Force navigator. After the War ended, he started working at a Jewellery Franchisee called Proud Jewellers, where as a procurement manager, he would often have to travel overseas to meet the suppliers. During such visits, he used to carry his trusty Voightlander camera and click snaps along the way. Once he reached home, he’d give the family a slideshow of all the pictures and then shelf them away in the back of a cupboard.

Years later, when the grand old man was being shifted to a nursing home, his grandson Dave Tompkins found these slides in his cupboard. He got them scanned and took them to his grandpa, hoping to hear some interesting stories. But as it turns out, Mr Clarke had no recollection of any of the locations where he clicked the snaps, although he was happy to see them again. He appreciated that everyone liked his photos but never really believed that they were something really special. He never saw himself as a great Photographer. In an effort to prove him wrong, his grandson came up with this brilliant idea of posting the pictures on internet and with the help of the online community, identify the locations and get his work recognized and appreciated.

Grandpa photos

Grandpa photos

Grandpa photos

Grandpa photos

Grandpa photos

The Grandpa Photos website, contains 100 of Mr Clarke’s best slides. The website has managed to grab a lot of interests in a short duration. Dave says that 90% of the photos have been identified and some of the visitors have even sent him a present day image of the same locations.  Although the veteran photographer has expired, he most certainly lives on through these amazing photographs.


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