TIK: Thin is Key – A kickstarter project for an incredibly compact keychain

The incredibly light and compact TIK Keychain

The incredibly light and compact TIK Keychain

Keychains were always known to be heavy and messy. Those unsightly bulges in the pocket and the constant stabs on thighs have been annoying mankind for quite a long time. Not anymore. TIK keychain takes a different approach and sits perfectly within your pocket at all times. Made from your regular bicycle chain, TIK (short for “thin is key”) is extremely light and durable and can handle as many as six keys at a go.

The designer behind this keychain, Danial Farkas got the idea for this product during a bike trip across Helka volcano in Iceland.

“There was a super steep ascent and I hoped my muddy chains won’t surrender under the load. Of course they worked like charm and then I suddenly came to the realization: the chain has that one-dimensional flexibility that I needed and the rollers in my 10-speed chain seemed to be just as thick as a regular key.”

According to him, the advantage of using bicycle chains for this purpose is that, it’s compact and flexible. He claims that 80% of TIK’s surface is as thin as the key’s blade. The rest 20% (the chain structure) is only 2.4mm thick. TIK’s construction saves a whopping 40% weight compared to the same set of regular keys with a standard key ring. He says that there is no lighter construction in the market than TIK.


TIK Keychain stats

TIK Keychain stats – 80% of the key as this as a key’s blade and saves 400% weight



TIK has a compact design

TIK has minimalistic and modular design

TIK has a minimalistic and modular design. It has an all metal body made up of Hollow, chromium carbide-coated steel pins and cro-moly steel plates with optional titan-nitride coating for more scratch-resistant surface. Colour conscious buyers, will have an option to customize the product. Shiny gold, elegant silver and stealthy black are some of the default color options that will be available.

Additional accessories

A keychain as light and thin as TIK demands an equally compact holder. An extremely strong and slim earth magnet (neodymium N42) perfectly complements the product and holds it neatly against the wall, door or any other flat surface. A tiny lanyard string is also included with it so that you can attach keys that are not compatible with TIK.

Future Plans

This kickstarter backed project is an ingenious solution to a very annoying problem. Danial plans to further expand this idea to memory sticks, bottle openers and other slim accessories.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Kickstarter page to fund the project if you want leaner keychains and less bulgy pockets!

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