Ticks & Crosses of the New Year 2012

Ticks & Crosses of the New Year 2012

Ticks & Crosses of the New Year 2012

As we sit on top of yet another year, try and think back about the last new year’s eve, the time we ushered in 2011. There were things we planned to start and some of them we did, some of them we didn’t. Some started, some stopped somewhere along the way. A few spilled over from 2010 or years prior to that also saw the checkered flag come down on them. Some by design, some by default.

I am sure this happened to one and all, we accept it or otherwise! So how does it all matter you may say? If you happened to read the article A new year has started, so should you! posted on 1st Jan 2011, I shared the idea of just getting started. Here’s a little something for you to chew on now. Assume a guy started in Jan 2011 and worked at it regularly throughout the year. Today he has completed almost an year of what he started. Let us assume that this was an activity as simple as spending 20 minutes a day with his family. Let us say this happened only 200 days out of 365 keeping in mind travel, work etc. Today the guy has spent over 65 hours of an awesome time! That is what one gets for having gone forward and done he wants to! For every one such person, there are at least 3 others who have not made an attempt.

Give up, shall we?

Giving up is the easiest thing to do anyways. So go ahead and give up. Something tells me you are not going to like me for having said that. So, go ahead and dislike me or do something that you like to do. As you can see your options are many. And you will do one of them. Even giving up is a task! An easy one albeit. Wonder what happens when you give up on a plan? You have to go back and plan what else to do in place of what you did. You sit on that couch and surf channels, search like mad for something worthwhile to watch or ‘facebook’ you friends around poking them and into their lives for gossips’ sake, or plain sleep! Sleep through the day and it costs you sleep at night, messes up all of your entire next day or just sit back and think what you want to do! No matter what, one lands up doing a lot even after giving up. Lets split the two groups of people here. Those who did what they wanted to do and those who did a lot of what they did not want to do! Which category did you belong to? There is not a third category of “those who did nothing”. Nothing cannot be done! 

No matter what you did in 2011, 2012 is a new year! You have the choice to make the difference. Remember, you are always doing something or the other. Look at your actions like energy. Cannot be created, cannot be destroyed, can only be channelized! Not like you need a new years’ day to make these changes. You can shift gears anytime in life. In this case, its just an additional reason to do so!

Tick & Cross

Here’s something interesting the Australian cricket team did. For every single test match, they split session wise for every day of the match. For every session that went their way, they had a tick. For every session dominated by the opposition they marked a cross. This is put up on the outside of their dressing room for everyone to see. It makes them work harder at putting a tick and not a cross. Not to mention their opposition was beaten in the dressing room itself!

It’s an exercise well worth initiating I’d say. For everyday, give yourself a tick or a cross! if you have an excuse for a cross, mark X E. so there will be 3 marks. Tick for a day when you did all that you were supposed to, a cross for not having done it and a cross with E for excuses made. It will give you an amazing picture of yourself!

I hope this helps you in designing a better 2012 for yourself.

Happy New Year 2012!

As always, looking forward to your comments, feedback and more, in the section below.


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  • parag nimonkar

    Nice article,.. 2012 is the year :)

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