Thomas Cook gets a new Sunny Heart Logo

Thomas Cook gets a new Sunny Heart Logo

Thomas Cook gets a new Sunny Heart Logo

Thomas Cook, Britain’s oldest tour operator has gifted itself a fresh ‘Sunny Heart’ logo.

The popular TC tagline “Don’t just book it Thomas Cook it” is no more. It’s been replaced by a shorter phrase “Let’s go”. This is the first time in Thomas Cook’s 172-year history that all its companies have a unifying identity. Neckermann in Europe, Ving in Sweden, Condor in Germany and Airtours in the UK, part of the Thomas Cook Group, will carry the heart in some form in their logo.

The last identity (blue globe) was designed in 2001 by FutureBrand, London. This was after it was acquired by the German company C&N Touristic AG, which changed its name to Thomas Cook AG.

“This isn’t just a rollout of a new logo, it’s about a promise… it’s the essence of who we are.” announced chief executive officer Harriet Green. In her words, this new identity reinforces TC’s high-tech, high-touch transformation.

Inside Thomas Cook’s new office

Inside Thomas Cook’s new office

Fleet of Thomas Cook Airlines Group, the "Sunny Heart" carry on their tail

Fleet of Thomas Cook Airlines Group, the “Sunny Heart” carry on their tail


Founded by Thomas Cook in 1840s, the company serves more than 23 million customers. It is currently Europe’s second biggest tour operator. In 1872, it led its first world tour. 100 years later, in 1972, the company was privatized.

For last couple of years, Thomas Cook has been witnessing lower scales. It saw a drop by 95% in its shares in 2011, owing to political unrest in couple of its key destinations (Egypt and Tunisia), floods in Thailand and increased fuel prices.

Last year the company was close to a collapse before being rescued by its banks. Earlier this year, it closed 195 stores and laid off 2500 employees.


“After a successful year in the Nordic countries, it is now the unifying symbol for the whole Thomas Cook Group” reads the Happy’s website, the Swedish agency behind the redesign.

The first look is pleasant, if not entirely impressive. Personally, I prefer the identities that are not loudly impressive to begin with and grow on users’ with time. As much as a ‘heart’ is the go to (read overused) symbol to define a personal and warm approach, this one seems to be done well and with a strong strategy to go along. Additionally, the new brand typeface has been unable to find a fan in me. I would love to go through the thought process behind this typeface and understand their choice.

Albeit similarities with Yorkshire TV and Liverpool Victoria logos, this one has substance and promise. The better part of this rebranding exercise could be summed in two parts:

1. Unification of all brands under the group

2. A fresh approach for users to embrace in good time.

Similarities with Yorkshire TV and Liverpool Victoria logos

Similarities with Yorkshire TV and Liverpool Victoria logos


Thomas Cook’s new “Sunny Heart” identity is bright on the face but not as much in the approach. It seems to be a fresh approach even though the styling seems dated (beveled edges). One major disappointment from this rebranding is absence of an overall visual language and pictograms. With an interesting field like travel, this exercise could have had far more detailed and indepth results. The only hope here is that the company might choose to unveil the complete language in sometime.

Overall, it’s a fine rebranding. Not great. Nonetheless, the essence of this fresh approach will highly depend on the implementation through the (digital included) media.

What do you think of the new Thomas Cook logo?

Would you rather retain the old Blue Globe logo?

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