An Innovative Digital Campaign – The Coolest Job

An Innovative Digital Campaign - The Coolest Job

An Innovative Digital Campaign

There would be very little chance that you wouldn’t have heard of “The Coolest Job” campaign. Leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India and India Today have carried the ads and most radio stations are talking about it on air. Of course, you have, because it is very likely that your friends like the Facebook page of the campaign. Over 50,000 of them do.

A globally renowned beverage company is launching one of their flagship brands in India and the campaign intends to build buzz around it; but strangely they haven’t revealed the name of the brand as yet. All the marketing effort is focused on the campaign which embodies the ‘work hard, party hard’ spirit of the brand. The campaign involves a contest which requires comprehensive involvement from the participants and offers interesting reward which, as the claim is, is ‘the coolest job’.

The Coolest Job

Heard of it, yet?

I wonder if not revealing the brand name is a clever idea.

On one hand it takes away the initial thrust that a recognized brand can give to a campaign. When an automobile major like Volkswagen launched in India, several people knowing the global clout of the brand start as followers of the campaigns that the brand indulges in. However, not revealing the brand adds a sense of intrigue to the launch campaign. The participants focus on the contest rather than the brand, and as the brand name is revealed and launched in the market, the 50,000 people are all ears.

Do you have an example of similar successful campaign in India?

Nescafe’s Know your neighbours comes to my mind, which also focused on Facebook engagement while advertising in TV, radio, and on the Web. The Facebook page has over 740,000 likes and has engaged with regular posts about coffee trivia, recipes, and photos of the brand ambassador: Deepika Padukone.

Let’s see how the contest-based engagement works out for The Coolest Job!

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  • Ankit Chadha

    1st time I heard of this, it appeared 2b a clone of the famous “The Best Job in the World” campaign by Tourism Queensland that went viral… but doesnt seem to be as exciting.

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