thatjcrewginghamshirt – The shirt every guy has to have in his arsenal

J.Crew same shirt guys  - on the road

If you are living in the metropolitan area chances are you know this Classic fit, Two-ply cotton, Button-down collar shirt.

This J.Crew gingham shirt seems to have taken over every state of America. After seeing the same shirt everywhere in New York,  Jonathan San started a hilarious instagram account – thatjcrewginghamshirt that documents every 20 something male that has been spotted wearing this shirt. 

Boy, J.Crew weren’t kidding  when they described this shirt as “the shirt every guy has to have in his arsenal“!

Check out the photos.

J.Crew same shirt guys  - Office

J.Crew same shirt guys

J.Crew same shirt guys - In the metro

J.Crew same shirt guys - the geek

J.Crew same shirt guys - meeting

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