A technology to double your Smartphone’s battery life

battery life

Double Battery life with this new tech

Smartphone’s keep getting better in terms of speed and performance, but one thing that has continued to suffer is the battery life. Thanks to the ever increasing use of battery power, these devices, unlike their low end counter parts, will require a charge at least once a day. But now, a change may well be on the way as a new mobile device technology looks set to revolutionize battery charging on smart phones and tablets.

battery life

Steven Chu- Former US Secretary of Energy

Steven Chu who used to be the US Secretary of Energy is currently working on the project at Stanford University. According to him, this new advancement in technology will considerably improve the battery life and the time taken to recharge it.

He says, “In practical terms, if we can improve the capacity of batteries to, say, four times today’s, that would be exciting. You might be able to have cell phone with double or triple the battery life.”

We won’t pretend to understand the technology behind this, but reports suggest that the new lithium ion battery technology will provide for about 99-percent more efficient batteries for more than 150 cycles. The secret lies in a special coating of interconnected amorphous hollow carbon nanospheres that isolates the lithium metal depositions and facilities the formation of a stable solid electryolyte interphase.

Although there is no fixed date as to when this technology will find its way into our phone’s, but as we continue to burn more battery, it’s comforting to know that someone out there is working to making them last longer!

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