Tech world of 2012 – our predictions

Tech world of 2012 - our predictions

Tech world of 2012 - our predictions

Technology industry is one of the most unpredictable industries. Some companies become billionaire overnight and some established ones, come to verge of closing. Some products become instant hit with consumers and some seasoned products lose their shine instantly. So here are our 5 tech predictions for this unpredictable market for the year 2012.

1. It’s going to be very cloudy here

Everyone in tech industry is talking about cloud computing. We have seen so many cloud based apps being launched in 2011 like Google’s Chrome OS operating system, Microsoft Office 365 and the latest Apple with their cloud based apps in IOS5. Cloud computing drastically reduces cost for owning and maintaining infrastructure and software. It’s a good bet for new startups to subscribe to cloud based computing than buying and maintaining the huge IT. It may cut costs up to one tenth. Drastic!

Every good thing comes with some of their own drawbacks. The major drawback is the security of the cloud. We have already seen cloud break-ins and a single break-in, could completely damage a company. Nevertheless, we are going to see huge leap in cloud computing in 2012.

2. Apple without Jobs

Steve Jobs completely revolutionised the consumer electronic market in last decade with his iconic product range varying from iPod to iPad. Apple almost went bankrupt when they threw Steve out of company last time. He came back to Apple and gave the second life to his own dying company. And last year it became the number one technology company.

Last year everyone asked Steve that will Apple survive without him after he left the world? As ever, he insisted that he had taught Apple and believed that Apple will continue to innovate and revolutionize the tech market in times to come. Actually, I am not sure if anyone can ever be taught to think like Steve and to carry the Midas touch he had. He had given an intelligent direction to the current line up of Apple products. Will Apple be able to come up with new products after iPad that can revolutionise the market as its predecessors? I have my doubts.

3. Winokia Phones

Microsoft and Nokia lost market share of smart phones in last two years, or can I say that they are almost vanished from the smart phone market? Last year, Nokia dumped their Symbian OS and partnered with Microsoft to bring out a complete new range of Windows Phone to give healthy competition to Apple, Samsung, HTC and of course, to gain their lost market share.

Recently, Nokia came up with its first windows phone named Lumia 800 and received good reviews. It is not as fast and feature-rich as its competitors (Samsung, HTC etc.) but it has got the trust factor of Nokia. This could possibly be the last chance for Nokia to gain their lost market share in smart phones. To their advantage, there are a plenty of loyal fans of Nokia around. Again, it could be because of the trust Nokia had built with their previous range of phones, therefore it shouldn’t be very difficult for Nokia to gain its lost turf.

4. Which tablet you got?

Before iPad, this world didn’t know that it needed a tablet PC! And after iPad, every tech company is making its own version of tablet PC to repeat the apple success story. iPad, has its own league and no one has really been able to threaten its position so far.

When Android enabled hardware manufactures launch their own version of tablets, they can control their costs by hardware configurations, thus making fierce battle with low cost tablets in price sensitive markets like India. India has already launched a $35 tablet. it is not as glossy and fast as iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy range, but it can definitely help in revolutionizing the education system and extend its reach to people in other developing nations. Low range tablet market will heat up this year and we may see some low cost range of tablets from big manufacturers like Samsung etc.

5. We are getting too Social!

The success of social networking sites, in last few years, like Myspace, Orkut and Facebook, gave birth to N number of new sites, which are either what we call “direct social networking” or based on the notion of social networking, like Quora.

Every second startup today, is based on “social networking”. With the rise of similar sites, the threat to privacy and personal data usage, has had a mushroom growth too. Groups are being formed to quit social networking site like Facebook. Also, the social sites like Quora, are not doing too well, as they (or the investors) thought them to do. We are sure to see a declining trend with “social networking” websites in the year 2012.

For sure, we haven’t been able to draft a 360 degree view of the tech world yet. But then, that is where we ask for your comments and views.

As they say, only time can truly predict the (tech) hits and misses of the year 2012 and beyond. For everything else, there is… the comment section below this post.

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About the Author:

Developer, likes to develop on different platforms, amateur photographer, follows technology trends, loves driving on road and in games, loves traveling and a vegetarian foodie. Follow him on Twitter: @DrivenRajat

  • Yadesh

    Yes.. certainly it’s a cloud time.. security will come as and when attacks will increase

    I agree, APPLE will be beaten due to less JOBS..correct!!! Actually Social security have been diminished under the LIKES..

  • Kuldeepgulati2012

    A very interesting article indeed.. 
    but with some disagreements : Cloud services can be private , shared and public so big organizations make use of private network for their secure data .. so i think cloud would do well
    with all other points i totally agree.

  • Tarun

    NICE article  i have my reservations about both Windows phone and Tablets…

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