A calendar that doubles as tea strips, ready for brewing

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

Which are the two important things to start one’s day?

A calendar to keep track of the date and day and a drink to transform passive state of mind to active. For some, tea is one drink that starts their day. What could happen if we combined the two?

Wafer-thin pressed tea leaves for 365 days

Wafer-thin pressed tea leaves for 365 days

Kolle Rebbe, a German agency combined these two important ingredients for Hälssen & Lyon and created an innovative product – The Tea Calendar. Tear off the day’s tea strip from the calendar, add boiling water, let it brew and enjoy the unique flavor of the day’s pressed tea leaves. For now, Hälssen & Lyon has shipped this calendar to “select business partners” only. It is not available for purchase just yet.

Savor the tea calendar

Savor the tea calendar

This concept is absolutely fresh! And we can just hope that other noted brands also wake up to the power of creative thinking.

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