TapSense opens powerful interaction opportunities for touch devices

TapSense opens powerful interaction opportunities for touch devices

TapSense opens powerful interaction opportunities for touch devices

What is Interaction Design?

A friend had asked me the same question a couple of weeks ago. As I tried hard to explain, even for the lack of words and references, one thing was the clear in my mind i.e. with Interaction Design, the main focus is on behaviour.

So does that mean that an interactive device must be able to judge your behaviour and function accordingly? But does the current (commonly known) set offer us the same behaviour recognition today? Not really, but the world is changing. With change, I mean, improving, by the hour and minute, as we read this!

Meet TapSense!

Chris Harrison, the Interaction designer behind TapSense explains it as an enhancement to touch interaction that allows conventional screens to identify how the finger is being used for an input. The fascinating bit however, is the process by which this is achieved – by segmenting and classifying sounds resulting from a finger’s impact.

The TapSense system, without use of any electronic devices, can recognize upto four different finger locations for now – the tip, pad, nail and knuckle. Moreover, it can also recognize different materials used on the touchscreen.

Opportunities abundant

You don’t need me or for that matter, anyone else to help you imagine the possibilities with systems like TapSense.

So you could type using the tip of your finger in a word processor, select and increase the font size using the pad of your finger, delete with the knuckle and the fingernail touch could change cases, all that using the same finger.

How do you imagine TapSense helping you?

An advancement, albeit incremental, is advancement nonetheless!

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About the Author:

Himanshu Khanna is the founder of Pixelonomics and a senior designer at Sparklin. If you’d like to connect with him, follow him on Twitter: @SparklinGuy

  • Riddhi P

    If all goes as planned, this thing is the end of buttons and keypads. Can’t wait to use it for myself. I mean just imagine having a system to work on small devices so efficiently. Not to forget the joy of its convenience on tablets. 

    Good one :)

  • alekhya rao

    Interaction Design. Sounds like a fab concept. Love how i learn something new everyday through Pixelonomics :)

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