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The reality of Virtual Reality

The reality of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been the dream of every gamer in existence. Being able to play the game by actually being in it is something that is… well… mind bogglingly awesome! When Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Rift made its debut in Kickstarter in 2012, gamers around the world knew there was a guardian (read: virtual) angel looking out for them too. The company generated a lot of buzz after the successful funding of its Kickstarter campaign but came into limelight only after Facebook acquired it for 2 Billion USD in March this year.


Purify your bad habits – Nail them!

Purify your bad habits - Nail them!

As if painting your nails with crazy colours and designs wasn’t enough that now nail art has taken a way new turn. And damn bitches, it’s awesome! Meet the students at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California who have expanded tracking technology to the realm of nail beds. Ok, I sound a little crack head right now. But it’s a fact. The young applicants of Finer Arts, Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse created digital sensors to provide bio feedback, behavior modification, and programmed reminders to the nail art wearers.


A Smartwatch that runs on Gears – Kairos

A Smartwatch that runs on Gears - Kairos

By now everyone must have heard about Smartwatches. Most of you must already be planning to splurge their next salaries to buy the device to show it off to friends and be the talk of the town or whatever. On the other hand, I have always liked my watches with the mechanical movements. Why you ask? Because they don’t run on batteries that require charging every day and they are not as flimsy. The art, complexity and the brilliance that goes behind making these mechanical wrist watches is something that is and will be unparalleled. That’s when I came across Kairos.


Expressive Hat to Rescue – Sangli Li

Expressive Hat to Rescue - Sangli Li

Do you often get troubled by the bright light or non stop useless talks of someone unwanted? Well, we all do at some point. Expressive Wearables, by Sangli li, at California’s Art Centre College of Design uses clothing as a medium to avoid such hindrances and show your dismay towards such troubles. His new design of an innovative hat with fans is just what a lady is looking for.

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