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But first let Alex Chacon take a Selfie Video!

But first let Chacon take a Selfie Video

Presenting to you Alex Chacon – an adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter. He is the king, nah, he is the boss at clicking selfies. I bet he can beat any selfie taken with his new collection of selfies. He travelled 36 countries in 600 days covered a distance of 125,946 km and created the most exclusive selfie video in the history of selfies.


Google design minutes – the video series

Google design minutes - the video series

Google has always been known for a subtle taste in design. Though if you noticed, their interest is growing stronger than ever with weighted emphasis on making their products as visually pleasing as functional. Google is launching a series of YouTube videos where the lead designers of Google products talk about the challenges involved.


X-men’s dark history: days of future past

X-men's dark history: days of future past

Fox, which has the rights to the X-Men series launched a video integrating the mutants in various historical junctures like the JFK assassination and Chernobyl disaster, to name a few of the many historical catastrophes shown in the teaser, in order to promote its upcoming chick flick, X-Men: Days of future past.


Digital retouching before photoshop – 25 years ago (in 1987) USSR

Digital retouching before photoshop

Who would have imagined a digital retouching in process, twenty-five years ago (1987)? Yeah, you read it right! This video (2:48), takes us through a quick digital retouching process. If our knowledge serves us right, that’s some three years before Photoshop 1.0 was introduced. Some technology, eh?

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