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How Dixon uses twitter to augment his memory after traumatic head injury

Thomas Dixon

For Thomas Dixon, incessantly checking his smartphone isn’t an obsessive compulsive need like it is for the rest of us. Twitter is his memory. Without his twitter feed Dixon wouldn’t be able to remember what he did yesterday. “I’m always aware of what I’m talking about and who I’m with in the moment,” says Dixon “I just don’t know what happened yesterday or the day before. My declarative episodic memory is shot.”


School kids learn english by correcting celebrities on twitter

School kids learn english by correcting celebrities on twitter

Dear Charlie Sheen, I am a 9 year old school student. Huge fan, but let’s get to the point here. You don’t spell brain as “brane”, its b.r.a.i.n. Next time around use your brain. Your show is great. Boy’s not being cheeky, he’s learning English.


Google analytics update Realtime

Google analytics update Realtime

The web is getting faster, and not just the speed of the pages, but also the speed of change. Packed with a redesigned interface, easier data exploration and significant new features, Google Analytics has updated itself for the present.


How a tweet got Spirit Airlines fined for $50,000

Tweets got an airline fined for $50,000

‘What you see is what you get’. An age old adage that’s no longer valid, or may be it’s been rewritten by Social Media to ‘what one tweets is not what you get’. Reading between lines or asking ‘what’s the catch’ everytime you see anything tempting might turn out to be a good option. Spirit Airline, a Florida based airline reassures this point.


Meet Tweetdeck in real-time

Tweetdeck real-time twitter streaming

How often do you click on “N new tweets” on the top of your twitter timeline? I have even stopped counting on how often I do that. Go ahead and call me a twitter addict but if you are reading this, chances are that even you are an addict as well!

I had always wondered that why can’t twitter timeline auto-update itself at regular intervals or may be, everytime a new tweet concerning me, goes live. And this is much before Facebook started auto-updating its timeline.


Life cycle of a short lived Gap logo


Last week, after stating my thoughts on the recent Gap logo redesign, I received an email with a suggestion, from a fellow blogger that it would have been interesting to document this post in the form of a graphic. So here it is, life cycle of a short lived Gap logo.

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