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Vessyl – the smart cup that knows & tracks what you’re drinking in real-time

Vessyl - the smart cup that knows & tracks what you're drinking in real-time

Over the years, we have come across a lot of ‘smart’ gadgets. We have seen smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart helmets, smart fridges and many other such innovative devices. The latest to join the ‘smart’ bandwagon is our humble little mug! Vessyl is a smart mug by industrial designer Yves Behar and Mark One, which can detect the kind of drink that’s poured into it. It has a clean, minimalistic look and can hold 385 ml of liquid.


A smart-phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, USB: Just in one Watch – Androidly

Androidly - A smart-phone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI, USB: just in one Watch

Android just got closer, from your pockets to getting as closer as to your wrist. Considering the amount of advancements in such a short span, possible prognosis can be done in the field of technology. While detail-obsessed tech companies are focusing on tiny features and are trying to sell them on their ease of usability, meet the guys from New Delhi who have taken up a paradigm shift.


Let’s throw away our Laptops

Lets throw away our Laptops

The mobile phone manufacturers are pushing the limits of hand held computing device like never before. Every six months a new device is launched that is much faster than the previous one.


Advertisements that double as usable furniture by IBM

IBM's functional furniture ads

IBM may be following IDEO’s footsteps but it has certainly taken “forward thinking” from its software/hardware business to real life problem solutions. They say “God lies in Detail” and IBM’s detail-oriented idea was instrumental for city people.

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