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How Dixon uses twitter to augment his memory after traumatic head injury

Thomas Dixon

For Thomas Dixon, incessantly checking his smartphone isn’t an obsessive compulsive need like it is for the rest of us. Twitter is his memory. Without his twitter feed Dixon wouldn’t be able to remember what he did yesterday. “I’m always aware of what I’m talking about and who I’m with in the moment,” says Dixon “I just don’t know what happened yesterday or the day before. My declarative episodic memory is shot.”


Get Google Drive for Work with unlimited storage space for just $10 a month

Unlimited storage with Google Drive for Work

This Wednesday, at the I/O conference, Google announced that customers will get still get Vault and Google Drive for Work and unlimited storage for $10 a month. With a long list of other tweaks in the service, Google is sure to sling-shot past Microsoft in the enterprise productivity battle, that both companies have been locked over for a long time.

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