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Top Five Free Photoshop Alternatives for Image Editing


Think about image editing and Photoshop is the first thing that comes to mind. The software is so dominant in its field that its name can be used as a verb! Although it comes with a lot of great features, for most people (especially non-designers) it might just be too complicated to use or too expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of free powerful alternatives that’ll get the job done. Take a look at five of the best.


Let’s throw away our Laptops

Lets throw away our Laptops

The mobile phone manufacturers are pushing the limits of hand held computing device like never before. Every six months a new device is launched that is much faster than the previous one.


Adobe CS is no more – Take 5 on creative cloud

Creative Cloud Illustrator

While customers are still stuck to CS, Adobe is serving them a different dish all together, the Creative Cloud (CC). Adobe says since its inception, CC has seen 500,000 subscriptions.


Digital retouching before photoshop – 25 years ago (in 1987) USSR

Digital retouching before photoshop

Who would have imagined a digital retouching in process, twenty-five years ago (1987)? Yeah, you read it right! This video (2:48), takes us through a quick digital retouching process. If our knowledge serves us right, that’s some three years before Photoshop 1.0 was introduced. Some technology, eh?


How to design a countdown in 5 simple steps using photoshop

How to design a countdown in 5 simple steps using photoshop

We have observed the usage of Countdown as an element for UI, broadcasting and collateral design. Documented further is the process of creating a countdown in 5 simple steps using photoshop. Each step is divided into a couple of sub-steps to make it as simple as possible. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to your feedback, in the comments section below, to make future tutorials a lot more simpler.


Pixel wallpapers – 01

Pixel Wallpapers 01

Desktop wallpapers are a great way to express personal style. So, we at Pixelonomics, are announcing a new section, Pixel Wallpapers today! We promise to update it regularly.

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