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Free Youtube Advertising to launch Audi R8

Audi R8 gone in 3.5 seconds

A 5 second video ad for Audi R8 coupé by Ogilvy has been turning heads recently. Read on and find out why.


Drink Coke – and restock your tool shed

Drink Coke - and restock your tool shed

Coca-Cola, like Dhoni with his Helicopter Shot, has really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. The campaign simply and aptly called “2nd Lives”, gives excellent ways to reuse plastic Coke bottles by giving them a second life. This green movement of sorts was cooked up those brilliant minds at Ogilvy & Mather China along with Coca-Cola with one objective – encourage people to recycle.


Ogilvy Brazil creates Kiwigerine, Bananaberry, and Pinegrape for Philips. Tempted?

Fruits mashup

Fruity innovations, “Ogilvy Brazil to comes up with their own fruits.” Yes, you read it right. Ogilvy Brazil with the help of Clecia Ribeiro, a molecular gastronomist went not -quite-the-natural way and created exotic flavors of fruit.

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