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Place Lamp – A lamp that can track you!

Place Lamp – A lamp that can track you!

Everything is going smart in today’s world. I call it The Smart Revolution- a revolution that is spreading like a virus, with the sole aim to Smartify every inanimate object. It infected our mobile phones first; it took over our cars next and then our watches caught it too. Now it seems even our lamps are turning smart. And these are no ordinary lamps, because they track you, no matter which corner of the world you are in and inform everyone through visuals about your location or status.


Google’s new futuristic London office floor – L4

Google's new futuristic London office floor - L4

With 2012, we have moved another year ahead in time. Every new year brings with itself, new wishes, hopes, aspirations and more. One of the key aspiration, if I may talk on behalf of many I know, is to own an office which inspires one to work, in a relaxed and efficient environment. An office that spells less of boredom and scores high on excitement. A working space which inspires us to innovate beyond the ordinary. Google does that beautifully!

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