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2014 – behind the scenes

What the Amazon warehouse looks like

Amazon is notoriously famous for carrying out its business operations in complete secrecy. Most of its earning calls are devoid of any actual numbers. i.e. number of units sold for its kindle line of tablets. So it came as a complete surprise when the Jeff Bezos led company gave WIRED a tour of one of its warehouses in Phoenix. The warehouses, termed ‘fulfillment center’ by Amazon are scattered all over the world, with more than 90 fulfillment centers currently operating on a daily basis. Amazon’s relation with its third party vendors is kept far from the spotlight, also owing to the company’s non disclosure nature


Meet the Agency – Six Inch Nails, Mumbai, Liverpool

Meet the Agency – Six Inch Nails, Mumbai, Liverpool

For long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known. Every successful startup starts young. But the agency we feature today at Meet the Agency started in the mind of a young boy when he was just 13. By now this agency has achieved the height as high as the sky. Established in two countries, Six Inch Nails have actually made the meaning of their name come true.


Meet the Agency – Pink Elephink, Mumbai

Meet the Agency - Pink Elephink, Mumbai

Introducing a new feature at Pixelonomics – MTA, Meet the Agency. Consider this a regular feature where we shall interview a design agency, one post at a time. Today, we talk with Pink Elephink, a Mumbai based Design agency, sharing their moments of joy and success. Pink Elephink has an attractive ideology of working in a happy environment. The team believes that no work should be done without a pinch of creative fun.

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