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Vessyl – the smart cup that knows & tracks what you’re drinking in real-time

Vessyl - the smart cup that knows & tracks what you're drinking in real-time

Over the years, we have come across a lot of ‘smart’ gadgets. We have seen smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart helmets, smart fridges and many other such innovative devices. The latest to join the ‘smart’ bandwagon is our humble little mug! Vessyl is a smart mug by industrial designer Yves Behar and Mark One, which can detect the kind of drink that’s poured into it. It has a clean, minimalistic look and can hold 385 ml of liquid.


100 years of Paramount Pictures – the game

100 years of Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures just completed its 100 years! To celebrate this mammoth milestone, they asked the California based design studio DKNG, run by Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, to create a limited edition screen print featuring 100 of their most iconic movies

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