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Little tweaks (to help you move forward in various facets of life)

Little tweaks to help you move forward in various facets of life

Negative conversations, with an assumption that the other person is expected to be a part of, is a shot at the bleaker ends of human nature. It serves nothing but bring in aloofness and withdrawal. The first time you see a pout from the other end, you can assure that the chemistry is on the decline.


Indian lesbian wedding: Seema & Shannon, step ahead for freedom

Indian lesbian wedding: Sheena & Shannon

If you’re an Indian, second word along with the first one, somewhat raises morality issues. And this I can say without any doubt whatsoever. But as we hear our mom-pop say, the world is changing a lot, but changing to the extent that a girl is compelled to marry another girl?? What kind of love is this? (as they would say).


Soulful Connection & World Music Day

Celebrating World Music Day

Last friday was Fête de la Musique – World Music Day, a term that originated in France (1982) on the belief that “Music can Change the World.” Though the french might have introduced us to this day, how can we at Sparklin just take a backseat when it comes to W.M.D. Music connects us to our soul.


Mr. Engineer, I’m talking to you!

Mr. Engineer, I’m talking to you!

The idea of this blog post struck me when I was reminiscing my college days. I felt it would be encouraging if I write how life in college is, based on my experiences. I come from a small town, located roughly one hours drive away from the city of Nizams. There are a number of colleges from where I come and the passage of rite for every school passing student is to join one of these engineering colleges. Inclination or the passion for the subject has the least to do it with it. It is the de facto norm in the community. The result is the feeling of disappointment when the initial feeling of euphoria on joining the college passes.


What's in your glass?

What's in your glass?

Half full or half empty? We have heard this oh-so-often! If the glass is half full, or half empty? If a certain situation is in favor or against..? Or how do we react to a certain something, positively or not? Does it really matter? Its time to look at what the glass is filled with though.


The attitude for succeeding at anything new

The attitude for succeeding at anything new

An attempt to describe an essential state of mind which is necessary for the success of anything ‘NEW’. This mindset is most relevant, as these four components are critical to the success of something ‘NEW’.

It is extremely important to have a balance of openness, to iterative learning and being naive. Don’t be too emotionally attached to your idea as that might take away crucial opportunities for you to find the right model.

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