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How Zip Phone – a one man startup- got into Y Combinator

Zip Phone - How it got into Y Combinator

Even though there are hundreds of articles on what a startup should do to gain entry into the prestigious Y Combinator, Anuj- founder of Zip Phone reveals the secret to getting into the YC.


A technology to double your Smartphone’s battery life

battery life

Smartphone’s keep getting better in terms of speed and performance, but one thing that has continued to suffer is the battery life. Thanks to the ever increasing use of battery power, these devices, unlike their low end counter parts, will require a charge at least once a day. But now, a change may well be on the way as a new mobile device technology looks set to revolutionize battery charging on smart phones and tablets.


Make your Mood Viral – Share and Express with Vent App

Post your vent with Vent app

‘Expression is the best way to react!’ – Someone said. So it’s time to express yourself loudly and in the open! Tell the world about your negative thoughts but still keep your identity intact. Time to express your anger on issues and frustration on work in a cooler way – By using the Vent app!


Runpee – Perfect your pee breaks!


The worst part for a movie goer is the high ticket prices. The trouble begins when you drink too much of that Diet Coke. The sound of waterfalls and rivers in the background are making things difficult, but you can’t miss any part of the movie, so you stay put. Unless, you have downloaded the Runpee app on your smart-phone.


5 Useful Apps for Designers – Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice

5 Useful Apps for Designers - Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice

The advent of smart-phones resulted in the rise of a tongue-in-cheek saying: “There’s an app for that”. As a designer, there are times when I use these nifty applications for inspiration or to make my workflow smoother. Check out these useful apps for designers – Layers, Palette, Design Duet, Adobe Ideas, MyPrice. Some may be familiar but hopefully you’ll find something new to play around.


FIFA World Cup 2014 matches schedule as a Wallpaper

FIFA World Cup 2014 matches schedule as a wallpaper

A detailed, honest to god awesome wallpaper listing out the schedule of all matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 – for both iOS (for iPhone and iPad!!) and Android (Nexus) till the Super16 stage. Download and have it all in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket or wherever you keep your smart phones.

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