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Undress – Letting you change your clothes in public..Discreetly


Dennis Caco and April Estrada have invented a mobile changing room that will make changing rooms obsolete. The hurried, haphazard change (before someone walks in on you) into clean clothes after a gym session will be thing of the past. With the outfit they invented – Undress – you can change in the lift of your office or in the middle of a beach, anywhere you want without the fear of exposing what you don’t want exposed to public.


Meet AROS – The worlds smartest Air Conditioner

AROS can be synced with your smart phone

AROS, the brainchild of Quirky and GE could be the the smartest air conditioner ever invented. It learns your from your budget, office location, your schedule and usage to maintain the temperature inside your home at just the perfect levels. AROS not only maximizes savings but could also be the most energy efficient AC ever made.


What if famous brands created their personalized condoms?

Nothing says "It's" Finger Lickin' good better than KFC

Good or bad, creativity is creativity. Even if it means Miley Cyrus starting her own range of skimpy wearables! Looking at the creative side of everything around you, is what makes you stand out among millions. Just have a look at these New Condoms made by a young and out of the box thinker, Max Wright.


Turn that Rug into a Yoy Chair

Turn that Rug into a Yoy Chair

Japanese design unit YOY (pronounced yo-ee) have developed a rug with an aluminum center. When this rug is folded, it holds its shape and turns itself into a chair. Though this design sounds a little weird and kind of WTF, but coming from the duo who have already given the world some playful illusions through their work it is justified.


She Shoulda Shibue – Get it now?

She Shoulda Shibue - Get it now?

ALERT! ATTENTION! and everything else that can grab your consideration towards the new talk of the town – The Strapless Panties! Still thinking about Miley Cyrus’s skimpy dress at the recent awards? Well, have a look here miss and mister! Jenny Beuttner, a fashion designer has something even more admirably tight in-stored for you!


Purify your bad habits – Nail them!

Purify your bad habits - Nail them!

As if painting your nails with crazy colours and designs wasn’t enough that now nail art has taken a way new turn. And damn bitches, it’s awesome! Meet the students at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California who have expanded tracking technology to the realm of nail beds. Ok, I sound a little crack head right now. But it’s a fact. The young applicants of Finer Arts, Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse created digital sensors to provide bio feedback, behavior modification, and programmed reminders to the nail art wearers.

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