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Game of Thrones starring Indian Stars – Infographic

GOT infographic

A few days ago, we stumbled upon this Quora thread about Game of Thrones starring Indian stars. Most of us at Sparklin are fan of the series. Soon enough two plus two added to four and here it was, a quick assignment in my deck – to create an infographic on this thread. I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below.


How to Secure a Second Date – Infographic

How to Secure A Second Date - Infographic

Been on too many first dates? Wonder what you are not doing right? TwoMangoes, a fast growing Indian dating website gives us some insights on the do’s and dont’s through a quirky infographic.


Introducing India’s mobile-only Internet generation – an infographic


A study by Opera Software – in association with the UK-based mobile research agency On Device Research, talks about India’s mobile-only Internet generation. It is astonishing to note that almost half of the people accessing mobile internet in India, have either never or infrequently, accessed the internet via a computer. Why do mobile users in India access the internet?


Life cycle of a short lived Gap logo


Last week, after stating my thoughts on the recent Gap logo redesign, I received an email with a suggestion, from a fellow blogger that it would have been interesting to document this post in the form of a graphic. So here it is, life cycle of a short lived Gap logo.

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