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Meet the Agency – SuperSike Games, New Delhi

Meet the Agency - SuperSike Games, New Delhi

For the uninitiated, Pixelonomics has a new regular – MTA, Meet the Agency. For long we wondered if the people behind a certain design should be known or not. Irrespective of that, we would like them to be known. Today, we have a word with Supersike Games, an independent Game Studio started in Jan, 2013 by Amit Goyal and G. Arjun.


Meet the Agency – Pink Elephink, Mumbai

Meet the Agency - Pink Elephink, Mumbai

Introducing a new feature at Pixelonomics – MTA, Meet the Agency. Consider this a regular feature where we shall interview a design agency, one post at a time. Today, we talk with Pink Elephink, a Mumbai based Design agency, sharing their moments of joy and success. Pink Elephink has an attractive ideology of working in a happy environment. The team believes that no work should be done without a pinch of creative fun.


Indian lesbian wedding: Seema & Shannon, step ahead for freedom

Indian lesbian wedding: Sheena & Shannon

If you’re an Indian, second word along with the first one, somewhat raises morality issues. And this I can say without any doubt whatsoever. But as we hear our mom-pop say, the world is changing a lot, but changing to the extent that a girl is compelled to marry another girl?? What kind of love is this? (as they would say).


How to Secure a Second Date – Infographic

How to Secure A Second Date - Infographic

Been on too many first dates? Wonder what you are not doing right? TwoMangoes, a fast growing Indian dating website gives us some insights on the do’s and dont’s through a quirky infographic.


3 eco-friendly startups of India

3 eco-friendly startups of India

The start up scene in india is getting brighter by the day with a wave of entrepreneurship sweeping through the youth of the nation. “Eco-Friendly startups of India” focuses on this bunch to see what innovations are bringing this change and how.


Don’t judge a movie by its trailer. But judge a society by its pop-culture.

Don't judge a movie by its trailer

Producers have found an easy way out. Load the trailer with all the cool stuff. The jokes, the stunts, the dialogues, the actors, the songs. Don’t leave out any cool stuff. If we can’t shove it in the trailer, then leak it on the web and blame a pirate. People will think there’s so much more in the film.

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