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Big Data on the move: Time for Bollywood to act upon!

Big data - Bollywood

I stumbled upon an article about how Big Data can change the success rates of Hollywood flicks. It seemed like quite an interesting avenue for making money to me. Going by the article I felt our latka-jhatka industry which releases around 900 jhatkas (movies) a year at an average and entertains 3 billion audiences.


Skyfall disappointed me

Skyfall disappointed me

As some of you might notice, the setting was almost perfect with such a great level of detailing. But they almost missed one. Skyfall has such an interesting usage of typography. But then, they screwed it with such a medicore usage of typography with titles.


Don’t judge a movie by its trailer. But judge a society by its pop-culture.

Don't judge a movie by its trailer

Producers have found an easy way out. Load the trailer with all the cool stuff. The jokes, the stunts, the dialogues, the actors, the songs. Don’t leave out any cool stuff. If we can’t shove it in the trailer, then leak it on the web and blame a pirate. People will think there’s so much more in the film.

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