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New York City launches world’s first condom app for iPhone & Android

New York City launches world's first condom app for iPhone & Android

The New York City Department of Health did a first of its kind in the world! They launched an iPhone and Android app to assist people in finding free condoms in their area.


Le Chal – Shoe for visually impaired

Shoe for the visually impaired - Le Chal

Won’t it be brilliant if visually impaired had a better help to walk with, than a white cane for themselves? That is when an Information Technology Engineer, from Rajasthan Technical University, Anirudh Sharma, comes into picture. He has developed a system known as “Le Chal”, which translated in Hindi to “Take Along”. The system helps the visually impaired to walk, without the use of any stick and even alerts them of any potholes in the way.

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