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Making the world of Game of Thrones safer with subway trains


The world of Game of Thrones might probably be the most dangerous fantasy world ever conceived. If not killed by the barbaric Mountain Clans of the Vale you will definitely be mercilessly killed by Gregor Clegaine, the Brave Companions or by the Faceless Men of Braavos. The dangers of travelling by road in Westeros are limitless. Perhaps that is why Michael Tyznik put together a fictional subway map of Westeros, that will make traversing the fictional kingdom of Game of Thrones a lot safer! Imagine being able to travel from the Shadow Tower to King’s Landing with just one transfer station!


Game of Thrones starring Indian Stars – Infographic

GOT infographic

A few days ago, we stumbled upon this Quora thread about Game of Thrones starring Indian stars. Most of us at Sparklin are fan of the series. Soon enough two plus two added to four and here it was, a quick assignment in my deck – to create an infographic on this thread. I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below.

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