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Undress – Letting you change your clothes in public..Discreetly


Dennis Caco and April Estrada have invented a mobile changing room that will make changing rooms obsolete. The hurried, haphazard change (before someone walks in on you) into clean clothes after a gym session will be thing of the past. With the outfit they invented – Undress – you can change in the lift of your office or in the middle of a beach, anywhere you want without the fear of exposing what you don’t want exposed to public.


thatjcrewginghamshirt – The shirt every guy has to have in his arsenal

J.Crew same shirt guys  - on the road

This J.Crew gingham shirt seems to have taken over every state of America. After seeing the same shirt everywhere in New York, Jonathan San started a hilarious instagram account – thatjcrewginghamshirt that documents every 20 something male that has been spotted wearing this shirt.


Design Inspiration Dose – 53

Loeffler Randall Spring 14

Here is our Design Inspiration Dose for today! Today’s Design Inspiration Dose is focused on Fashion, enjoy!


#Fatkini – Nothing is more gorgeous than being real


Thanks to the universal popularity of selfies and people using the social media in a way that promotes the body in a positive way, hashtags like #Fatkini and #LoseHateNotWeight are becoming quite popular. The hash tags have created micro communities of women who are sharing their bikini bodies in a bold and beautiful way.


Nuubo’s healthy clothing range

Nuubo's healthy clothing range

Now-a-days everywhere some kind of app is being developed. If not a full fledged app but an idea of designing and developing an app is foresighted. A Spain based company – Nuubo, has taken a new step in fashion and app development by creating some intelligent clothing range. This isn’t any clothing form but a new and more health cautious form of clothing.


Activate the GPDress – No more Same Dress Awkward Moments


To rescue us from shattered moments of pride and feeling stylish, comes a new app called GPDress – an app to track your fashion rival. Collaborated with many fashion brands and designers this app helps you connect to all those ladies who have brought the same label like you and tells you who is wearing what brand where and when. Problem solved. No more same dress awkward occasions.

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