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We love to fail, isn’t it?

We love to fail

Yes would be the reply if you are/were an Entrepreneur. And that’s why we keep running and chasing towards the Goal. What happens when the Goal is achieved successfully?
We create another Goal or Aim another one and start chasing it. But yes, entrepreneurs never get satisfied by anything. What tempts Entrepreneurs is ‘FAIL’.


Ticks & Crosses of the New Year 2012

Ticks & Crosses of the New Year 2012

There were things we planned to start and some of them we did, some of them we didn’t. Some started, some stopped somewhere along the way. I am sure this happened to one and all, we accept it or otherwise! So how does it all matter you may say?


Justin Bieber’s 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons

Justin Bieber's 5 entrepreneurial lessons

Justin’s not lucky and he didn’t become an ‘overnight celebrity’ by fluke. I’m myself guilty of putting him in that category, till I came across his movie recently. These are some entrepreneurial lessons that can be learnt from him.


The attitude for succeeding at anything new

The attitude for succeeding at anything new

An attempt to describe an essential state of mind which is necessary for the success of anything ‘NEW’. This mindset is most relevant, as these four components are critical to the success of something ‘NEW’.

It is extremely important to have a balance of openness, to iterative learning and being naive. Don’t be too emotionally attached to your idea as that might take away crucial opportunities for you to find the right model.


Event: Want to be a CEO this weekend?

Want to be a CEO this weekend?

An intensive weekend program that aims to bring together highly focused and passionate aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country to validate their ideas, build teams and build products all in a weekend.

The program promises mix of developers, designers, marketers and startup enthusiasts and mentors working together to bring an idea into life.

So guys, Stop sketching and start building.


The Business of being an Entrepreneur

The business of being an Entrepreneur

Every enterprise is a business hub. It is like a signal amplification device in an IT network that receives data and transmits or distributes it with some amount of value addition in one form or another. The same is true with every business. One has to realize the purpose of the business. No matter how young an entrepreneur you are, once you have started, it is about doing business.

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