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How do you measure yours..?

How do your measure yours?

It amazes me to have people say this all the time. I always wonder—how can we measure effort, be it 50% or 100%? Aren’t we evolving as individuals and isn’t our capability to do something being enhanced with time? The extent of our capability is just a state of mind—it’s a thought, a perception of ourselves, what we are doing and what we can do.

Let us completely ignore the idea of “percentage of effort”. Let us, instead, focus on getting something done or in more specific words “giving what it takes to get it done”. In retrospect, you can measure by your own means whether the effort you put in was your 10% or 200%. It is just a mere statistic that you can use to further develop and enhance your skills.


I am what I am: Really, is that it?

I am what I am

Life is about what we are. Isn’t it? Unlike most other living creatures we are the only species called human “beings”. I personally have never heard of a cat being or a dog being. Give or take, my logic says it is this way simply because we as humans have the choice to “be” the way we choose, hence we are aptly called human “beings”. The power lies in our hands to make what we do of our lives.

Another interesting fact, and this has been observed by experts, is that human beings do better when they are competing against someone rather than performing the same task by themselves. Obviously then, competition brings out the better in us, in comparison to an ordinary non-competitive situation.


I don’t smoke, because I choose not to: Teaser

I don't smoke because I choose not to

Let me start by stating that I’ve nothing against anyone who smokes and I am not in favor of judging anyone for the same.

By the way, when you went ahead and took the very first drag (smoke) of your life, if you already have, did you choose or decide, to do that? Of course, they are synonyms. But there has to be something that differentiates them, correct? Decide has a Latin suffix ‘cide’, which means to kill or cut. This is because we must kill or cut all given options but one to decide upon it. Whereas choice is based on free will, not on reasons.


We live the decisions we make

We live the decisions we make

Ever so often, we hear people trying to make decisions and revising them time and again. Decision making is generally preceded by confusion, anxiety and also, in some cases, utter chaos. Some decisions are made, especially in the Indian scenario, the one I am most familiar with, with the entire family at large. Be it something as small as which tutorial the kid is going to, which car to buy, what colour to paint the walls, or even what to cook tonight!

Then again, in this whole gamut of things the accountability of a decision lies with one person. This is more so when the decisions are not about the trivialities of life, like which clothes to wear or where to go for dinner. I am, here, referring to decisions relating to careers, education, business and other such matters—decisions that impact a lot of our lives and do so in the long term.

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