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Effective communication ain’t rocket science, in just 5 effective steps

Effective communication ain’t rocket science

Working with startups introduces one to a gamut of personalities and often a lot of engineers – sometimes they are a lot of fun to work with, but most often they aren’t the best communicators. Sometimes their skills rarely take them places, which made one wonder what is it that they are missing that the slackers and the ‘Smart Alecs’ walk away with all the accolades and the moolah.


Drop that Carl, Zeiss it is

Drop that Carl, Zeiss it is

Renowned and esteemed optics system manufacturer Carl Zeiss has announced the way it will communicate the Brand moving forward. Formerly known as Carl Zeiss AG, the brand will now use ZEISS, only.


Unhate by United Colors of Benetton

Unhate by United Colors of Benetton

Unhate, the latest campaign by United Colors of Benetton, is a fresh buzzword in the vocabulary of Social Media. A campaign that shows (photoshopped) images such as U.S. President Barack Obama kissing his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez, is bound to have reactions!


An Innovative Digital Campaign – The Coolest Job

An Innovative Digital Campaign - The Coolest Job

There would be very little chance that you wouldn’t have heard of “The Coolest Job” campaign. Leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India and India Today have carried the ads and most radio stations are talking about it on air.


Design candies are not for me

Design Candies are not for me

Damn those designers who make their designs pretty and wow. Why the hell do you keep adding another beautiful element? Why do you beautify them so much? Why do you make them pretty? So pretty that I forget what I was there for?

You guys are doing a great disservice to your clients – their users are lost in your ‘pretty’ design. You are doing a great disfavor to yourself and designers by calling yourself ‘designers’.

Design is not web 2.0. It’s not beautiful or ugly. It’s not any of that. Design is Solving Problem of Effective Communication

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