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Nescafe India continues their awesomeness beyond the ad

Rishi - the protagonist in the new Nescafe ad

With the new Nescafe ad featuring Rishi going super viral, it wouldn’t be wise to stop the campaign here would it? Nescafe feels so too, and they have an awesome new idea to keep riding the viral wave.


Barisieur – an alarm clock that serves you coffee!

Barisieur alarm clock

Alarm-clocks could easily be the most hated things on the planet! Painful as it may be to wake up to one, the Barisieur is here to dull that pain by waking you up with a fresh cup of coffee, so that’s the last thing you’ll ever need to worry about as you scramble groggily around your house for one.


A pocket friendly Travel Cup is here to blow your mind!

Pocket friendly Travel Cup

Three young men in America have created a unique travel cup called Smash Cup. Drink. Sip. Finish. Fold. In my pocket – That’s exactly how it works. It un-complicates the lives of coffee lovers who are always on the run. It is easy to fold and keep in your bags, pockets and even wallets (if you have a big one). It is a BPA-free, glue free silicon and plastic mug that becomes like a travel mug when open and meanwhile since is has a feature of no leak it stays inside your pocket safely without hampering the laptop or cards – like a disc.


Nescafe invents the perfect ice-breaker!


Nescafe has has taken conversation over a cup of coffee to a new stream by launching a superb advertising campaign – Pop-up Café. By placing two folding cups inside the newspaper, Nescafe was able to liven up the mundane activity of reading a newspaper.


Juice of the Devil, commonly known as Coffee, is apparently good for you, or is it?

Juice of the Devil, commonly known as Coffee, is apparently good for you, or is it?

A new study from the Journal of Applied Psychology, a journal published by the American psychological association, says employees are better able to deal with situations of debilitating social anxiety while they are under the influence of caffeine.


Latte and you, a new dimension in coffee art

New dimension in coffee art

When you think of coffee, Starbucks is a place where you would want to enjoy your grounded beans as a Starbucks’ visit is often an experience in itself. An experience which involves an ethereal ambience and a personalized coffee mug which has your name scribbled over it, giving you an intrinsic ownership of that mug.

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