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Free Youtube Advertising to launch Audi R8

Audi R8 gone in 3.5 seconds

A 5 second video ad for Audi R8 coupé by Ogilvy has been turning heads recently. Read on and find out why.


Meet Ray – The self driving robot valet

Ray - the self driving robot valet

The future where we can wave all our parking woes goodbye seems to be not far off. Dusseldorf Airport in Germany already has made a headway on this sweet piece of tech. Late last month, the airport began using Ray – a self driving forklift to deliver cars to and from the appropriate parking space. The idea behind Ray is save time spent in finding an appropriate parking space for your vehicle. This robot can even navigate the car into tight spaces.


Honda thinks Car Emissions might be Healthy for You!

Honda thinks Car Emissions might be Healthy for You!

You might have heard of alcoholic beverage companies using bottled water to promote their products or their brand. This trend seems to have caught up with car makers too. Honda has become the first car manufacturer to use its bottled water brand- H2O to promote Honda FCX Clarity, the world’s first mass-produced car to use compressed hydrogen instead of gas.


Fantasy of Automated Cars

Fantasy of Automated Cars

Imagine living in a world where you can hit the snooze button on your cell phone a few more times and catch a few extra Z’s because you won’t have beat the traffic, where those damn bikers don’t cut in front of your car like a death reaper was on his heels, where those grisly accidents only happen in movies. A world where you can put your feet up on the dashboard while the car drives itself while listening to the news. What if I tell you that you can hitch a ride to this paradise city, thanks to recent innovations from those brilliant car-makers and automotive tech companies?


Leo Burnett London makes you Think!

Leo Burnett's Think!

Squashed car, crumbled human bodies, red color splurged and beer bottles rolling on ground. Won’t be a tough guess as to what this advertisement is about. Don’t drink and Drive. Easy!


Mercedes Smart – Unexpected Test Drive

Mercedes Smart

Following Chevrolet’s “Rescue Drive” and MINI’s “cars turned stores” intelligent test drive campaigns, Mercedes’ isn’t going to be left behind either. Making the people of Moscow understand the importance of smaller cars with their new Rescue Smart cars, Mercedes started an ‘Unexpected Test Drive’ and acted as a Superhero to the rescue for them.

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