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Hyperlapse – Instagram’s answer to capturing time lapse videos

Hyperlapse by Instagram

Instagram, has always been committed to its loyal community- always striving to provide simple yet powerful tools that lets users express their emotions and creativity. The new app Hyperlapse, recently announced by Instagram is no different. It lets users capture high quality time lapse videos even when in motion.


A touching tribute to a Grandpa

Grandpa Photos

Grandpa’s photo is a collection of slides clicked by Stephen Clarke, a WWII Air Force navigator. The website, contains 100 of his best slides and has managed to grab a lot of interests.


But first let Alex Chacon take a Selfie Video!

But first let Chacon take a Selfie Video

Presenting to you Alex Chacon – an adventure rider, public speaker, professional photographer, videographer and presenter. He is the king, nah, he is the boss at clicking selfies. I bet he can beat any selfie taken with his new collection of selfies. He travelled 36 countries in 600 days covered a distance of 125,946 km and created the most exclusive selfie video in the history of selfies.


Avant-garde product design can revolutionize everyday products

Leica X3 conceived by Swedish designer Vincent Sall

By now your mind must have started speculating as to what this piece of art does. It is neither an mp3 player nor the latest Apple reveal.

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