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5 common Indian things that are not actually Indian


While browsing through Quora, we stumbled upon a thread getting inputs from people on the very topic – What are some non-Indian things that Indians have made their own? Though most of the answers were fairly known, one of these facts had us stunned. We had to reread and actually search for confirming the facts. Anyhow, here goes the list.


Genius Non-Pornographic Ads for Pornhub

Genius Non-Pornographic Ads for Pornhub

Pornhub, the adult video website, was accepting proposals from fans for family-friendly for their first ever national campaign. The winner will get to be Pornhub’s Creative Director for a whole year. This set of ads has the potential to become an accepted case study for Design students to take inspiration from, on how clever play of imagery and words could communicate an explicit message, without being too literal.


Time-Travel simulation with Oculus Rift

Time-Travel simulation with Oculus Rift

UmeNet used Oculus Rift to demonstrate how lag would feel in real life as a video campaign to promote its fast internet service of 1 GBPS. They had 4 volunteers strapped with Oculus Rift, noise cancelling earphones, webcam – the entire works and made them perform everyday tasks.


Advertisements that double as usable furniture by IBM

IBM's functional furniture ads

IBM may be following IDEO’s footsteps but it has certainly taken “forward thinking” from its software/hardware business to real life problem solutions. They say “God lies in Detail” and IBM’s detail-oriented idea was instrumental for city people.


Santa gets a new assistant – Apple iPhone Siri Ad

Santa gets a new assistant - Apple iPhone Siri Ad

Remember the first ad of Apple iPhone 4S that featured Siri? Ever since Apple started advertising their products in 1970s, they have hardly failed to enchant their audience. Feel free to correct me here, if you may. And they do it again! This Christmas, Santa gets a new assistant – Apple iPhone’s Siri.


Don’t judge a movie by its trailer. But judge a society by its pop-culture.

Don't judge a movie by its trailer

Producers have found an easy way out. Load the trailer with all the cool stuff. The jokes, the stunts, the dialogues, the actors, the songs. Don’t leave out any cool stuff. If we can’t shove it in the trailer, then leak it on the web and blame a pirate. People will think there’s so much more in the film.

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