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15 popular Google doodles of 2011

15 popular Google doodles of 2011

2011 was a great year! It saw many advancements in the field of sports, internet, show biz, technology and more. It also saw advancements in how one of internet’s most innovative companies, Google, designed its logos, also known as ‘doodles’. They were a lot more interactive, fun, memorable and non-google in 2011!


A new year has started… and so should you!

a New Year has started... and so should you!

You’ve been thinking about it, have a plan, it’s been playing on your mind, but you’re just waiting for the right time to start? Well, let’s make this clear right from the word go. We are sitting at the beginning of a brand new year, and it’s time for you to start your thing, too — not because the stars are right or the government policies have changed in your favour but simply because there is no better time to start than now! This was true six months ago, and it is true now. If you wish to walk, you’ll never do it until you stand up!

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